Saturday, June 29, 2013

Forticlient SSL VPN Routing Problem

Do you have to work with a Forticlient VPN SSL client from your Fedora? For me it was a total bummer because the official Linux client is discontinued and it seems that its latest version does not work properly on Fedora.

But that's not the problem. When I try to connect to a VPN through this application, it is successfully completed. Moreover, adds a network interface called 'ppp0'. For now, no problem.

So what's the problem? I can not ping to any machine in the network. After investigation and suspicions, I found that the connection does not route the requests. The following command solves this issue ({ip-address-from-adapter-ppp0} is replaced by the IP address from network adapter 'ppp0'):
route add default gw {ip-address-from-adapter-ppp0} ppp0

What does that do? It routes all traffic through the gateway connected to the network interface 'ppp0'.

The only problem is that you have to run this command every time you connect to the VPN. On my next post, I will post the script to automate this process. Problem solved!
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