Friday, November 12, 2010

Fedora & Ubuntu Release Party

On November 11, 2010 Fedora Panama celebrate the Fedora Laughlin Release Party along with the Ubuntu LoCo Team.  It was a complete success.  First of all, it was located on Exedra Books at Via España.  Secondly, we present slides with the new features of Fedora 14.  Also we spoke of the Fedora Community and the FUDCon LATAM 2011.  Finally, we ate some snacks.

Exedra Books is a meeting point between books and readers, promoting culture and family at the personal level.  The following link show the location of it (using Google Maps).

Alejandro Pérez (Fedora Ambassador), Diego Tejera (Ubuntu LoCo Team) and I said some speeches of several interesting topics.  Alejandro spoke about FedoraCommunity and RPMDEVDiego Tejera spoke about Ubuntu Community and the new features of Ubuntu 10.10I spoke about the new features of Fedora Laughlin.  Also I explained a little about the steps for users to participate on Fedora Community.

An important topic that Alejandro and I spoke was the FUDCon LATAM 2011.  People love to hear that Panama will be the headquarter of this magnum event.  Many panamanian Fedora users want to participate.

There were a lot of interested people.  They asked us about IRC, mailing list and so on.  Also about being a developer for Fedora Community.  I think this event help the local community to obtain more adepts.

I'm glad and proud that Fedora Panama is growing and I'm sure that my country will do a great job for Fedora Project.

Now I will share some photos of the event (thanks to Alejandro Pérez and Ricardo Chung for the photos):

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