Sunday, July 24, 2016

PreLinuxDay: Talk about Fedora QA and L10N

Linux Day is a global celebration of Linux. According to the event site, there is currently 9 teams in 5 countries. One of these teams is from my country, Panama. The responsible of doing this is Jose Reyes, our newest Panamanian Fedora Ambassador.

As part of the promotion of the event, there were several workshops related to Linux. Most of them were specific to Fedora. I had the opportunity to share about Fedora Translation and Fedora Quality Assurance.

The talk was held at Universidad Interamericana de Panama. It had good attendance. Many interested people, most of them students. I taught them how to get involved with these two important teams.

At the end of the talk, a representative of the university gave me a certificate recognizing my effort. It was nice.

Thanks to Jose Reyes, Floss-Pa and Universidad Interamericana de Panama involved for the invitation. I'm looking forward representing Fedora on the main event. 

See you there!
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