Monday, July 5, 2010

Conference - Universidad Latina

"Universidad Latina de Panamá" had a conference cycle on July 2nd.  Fedora, Ubuntu, openSUSE and Drupal communities were present.  

Alejandro Perez (Fedora Ambassador) spoke an "Introduction to Free Software"Diego Tejera spoke about Ubuntu CommunityAdrian Scott explained the "FosDev"Ricardo Chung (openSUSE Ambassador) was in charge of speaking about  the operating system openSUSE 11.2.  Finally, I spoke about Fedora Goddard.

All the speeches were interesting, they called the attention of all the people.  Curiously, Fedora Goddard speech made the people want know more about the operating system, so we gave copies of the operating system and we made demonstrations on my computer.
Thank to Prof. Luis Donderis for the initiative.  Also thanks to the students and the speakers.  Here are some photos of the event:

Ciclo de Conferencias - Universidad Latina
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