Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Software Freedom Day

On September 18th of this year, we celebrate the Software Freedom Day.  This date is very important and we party it with many activities along the day.

In the morning, students from different univesities (Universidad Latina, Universidad Interamericana, Universidad Nacional, Universidad Tecnológica) received speeches and demonstrations of open source applications and operating systems from experts and from the ambassadors of the different communities.

In the afternoon we participate in a conference cycle at the Interoceanic Museum of the Canal, located in Casco Viejo.  The topics were:
  • Open Source as Tool for Periodism 2.0 and 3.0 - Germán López.
  • The SEI Model for the development in the Knowledge Communities Generation - Ing. Pedro Colmenares.
  • Importance of Open Source Tools in the Protection and Ambiental Warning Models - Raisa Banfield & Andrés Tarte.
This day was spectacular because it was full of energy, collaboration and, of course, Free Software.  First I said a mini-speech about Fedora 13 to some students at Universidad Interamericana de Panamá.

After that I went to Universidad Nacional de Panamá where I participate on their activities.  They had cultural acts, music, food, games, conferences, demonstrations and others.  Also I spoke about "How to participate on Fedora Community?".  The people had a lot of interest and at the end of my presentation they asked me about how to participate on the community.

Finally I went to "Museo Interoceánico del Canal" where I listened to the speeches and met new people that are interested in the implementation of Free Software on big projects.

Thank to all the people that went to the several events and participate in some way.  Now I will share some photos that I took:

Software Freedom Day
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