Monday, August 29, 2011

Linux Day - 27/8/2011

On Saturday August 27 evening, we commemorate the Birthday #20 of the Linux Kernel, with our family (distro communities) and friends (people interested in Linux). The event was held at Central Park Hotel & Casino (Location on Google Maps).

There was a good attendance. The event began with the pre-lunch, where everyone shared. The talks were a critical point of the schedule, as they began interesting discussions.

David Narvaez began with his presentation titled "Money Linux". This speech resulted in multiple opinions regarding the applicability of Linux has today. Later, Alexis Hevia y Rogelio Moreno presented their group, called "Trisfera". They also showed the audience one of their projects, Vaca Lechera, developed in HTML5 and JavaScript.

I think this event was successful and had a great acceptance. In addition, there were positive experiences in it. I hope that events like this are repeated throughout the year. I would like to thank everyone who participated in organizing this event.

Then I will be sharing with you some pictures I managed to take the event:

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