Thursday, November 19, 2015

Python 3 Porting FAD: Results

The Python 3 Porting FAD was on November 14-15. It was an effort of more than 30 contributors worldwide. During this weekend the #fedora-python channel on IRC and the portingdb Git repository did not stop being active. Great experience!

The spirit of this blog post is to give some stats related to the event:
  • Engage of 35 people including developers, packages and documenters all around the globe. 
  • 126 commits on the portingdb repository.
  • Python upstream accepted 7 proposed patches.
  • More than 25 bugs for Fedora packages lacking Python 3 support on Bugzilla.
  • Proposal of 9 updated specs file for Fedora packages lacking Python 3 support.
  • Inclusion of 2 packages groups: KDE spin and Xfce spin.
  • Update of kernel-tests, tool used for regression testing of the kernel.
  • Inclusion of 5 packages on the portingdb repository.
  • The number of released packages get increased by 29 packages.
  • The number of in-progress packages get increased by 28 packages.
  • The number of blocked packages get reduced by 26 packages.
  • The number of idle packages get reduced by 29 packages.
  • The final percentage of ported packages is 33.2% (increase of 1.1%).

I would like to thank the following:
  • Abdel Martinez, Matej Stuchlik and Ralph Bean for organizing the event.
  • Toshio Kuratomi, Ralph Bean and Petr Viktorin for being the technical leaders.
  • Francesco Frassinelli, Michel Salim, Fujimoto Seiji, Michael Lee, Craig Rodrigues, Dennis Chen, Adolfo Fitoria, Joshua Russo, Remy DeCausemaker, Sayan Chowdhury, Richard Sarkis, Sebastian Dyroff, Fabio Locati, David Personette, Fabian Affolter, Riamse, Carl George, Mohammed El-Afifi, Justin Flory, Eduardo Mayorga, Taranjeet Singh, Elliott Sales de Andrade, Miro Hroncok, Ihar Hrachyshka, Till Maas, Giulio E., Tonet Tallo and William Moreno for participating on the event (be patient you will get your Parselmouth badge).

Definitely this does now end here. Although the event is over, people are still contributing on the portingdb repository and asking how to port Python packages. Do not be afraid and have fun giving your contribution. Learn more here.

I think everybody learned a lot from this event. We are thinking of organizing a second Python 3 Porting FAD early January. If you have any suggestion to make the event even better, do not hesitate to communicate them on the python-devel mailing-list or in the event wiki.
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