Tuesday, October 26, 2010

II Iber. Congress of Free Knowledge

"Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá" with "Consorcio de Tecnología Social Libre" organized the "II Iberoamerican Congress of Free Knowledge" with the slogan "Building a Knowledge Society with Free Software".  With a duration of three days (October 20 - 22) it was done at "Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá".  The main objective of the congress is to promote the use, development, management and application of Free Software in the business, educative and governmental areas.

Day 1 (October 20) 
It was an active day, full of people and success for the Fedora Community.  Alejandro Pérez, Juan Barba and I were doing demonstrations, explanations about Fedora.  Also we showed screencast of Fedora 14.  We gave approximately 100 CDs with Fedora Goddard.
An important event that day was the intervention of Michael "Monty" Widenius.  He explained his MySQL y MariaDB project to the students.  After the congress he had a little conversation with the representants of differents local communities.  Most of the participants were Fedora members (50% approximately).  He recommend us to participate together to make successful the filosophy of free software.
Day 2 (October 21) 

Less active but interesting as the previous day.  We dedicate that day to attend the doubts of the previous day and to share CDs with Fedora 13.  Juan Barba and I were attending the people.  Appear new adepts to the Fedora Community: Rogelio Moreno.
Day 3 (October 22) 

We only respond to some doubts about Fedora.  Juan Barba and I made Fedora installations on virtual machines and partitions.  I considered that it was a success and we can see the benefit of it in the future.
The following are photos of the events (thanks to Alejandro Pérez, Ricardo Chung, Ivanna Guerrero y Pedro Colmenares):

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