Friday, May 27, 2011

FUDCon LATAM 2011 - First Day

This was the first day, a day full of knowledge, friendship and, above all, Fedora. This day was carried to success through the efforts of the international team of Fedora, the local team and everyone who attended the conference.

Everything was well organized and followed the schedule. Everything was done in the Building 184 of the City of Knowledge. I started giving a little welcome speech, thanking the City of Knowledge and all the sponsors, and the attendees. In addition, I described the event.

Jared Smith then spoke a very interesting and deep speech of the Fedora community. This talk used analogies, which I thought was very creative.

Later, I explained what is a BarCamp. Igor Soares and other members of the Fedora community were organizing the votation. Eventually it became the schedule as it appears on the event wiki.

Then, Toshio Kuratomi explained his theme: "Python for System Administrators". It was a very accepted by the public, as presented, with great simplicity, the advantages and strengths that has the programming language Python.

Then we had lunch (the Fedora team), in Building 105. The lunch was a total delight. The other tasted of some tasty snacks.

At about one in the afternoon talks renaud. Guillermo Gomez was the first to expose. Its topic was "Network in Fedora". It was a full discussion of how networks work in Fedora. I actually quite liked. There were many questions.

The topic then by Valentin Basel, "Educational Robotics and Hardware to Software Libre", produced great impact on the audience.

Later Edwin Contreras spoke on "What makes people live Free Software?". This talk I found very uplifting because he presented his views about working with free software and, at the end, he agreed with him.

Oscar Torres, Dell, spoke a little about what is "Virtualization" and presented the main features of it. He was giving away some small gifts to those who answered their questions and, equally, those who asked.

To end the session Jared Smith presented the topic "Technical Documentation", where he presented the DocBook tools, their characteristics and method of use. The public likes the versatility of the tool.

After many presentations, we decided to eat some burgers at "El Corral", located in Albrook Mall. Finally, we return to the villages where we share experiences, uploading photos, and writing in our respective media.

I thank all those who put a grain of sand to make the event as it is coming out. I hope with all my heart, that the event continues as it is doing currently.

I could not finish this blog without providing some photos taken at the event. Since I have no camera, show some links with the albums of people who do take photographs:
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