Saturday, May 28, 2011

FUDCon LATAM 2011 - Second Day

We arrived the second day and enjoyed many conferences and hackfests. The presence of people was very acceptable, similar to the first day. There was a negative aspect that bothered me and it was the sudden change of schedule and the lounges by the virtualization speekers. That was not fair to the fellow fedorians who had already allocated a room for their presentations.
The speeches given this day were phenomenal. Itamar and his presentation of "Fedora ARM" taught us the goodness that is cross-compiling.  Ambassadors learned enough of the "Tips and Recommendations for the Ambassadors' given by Neville. Henry, along with the other people, explained in detail how virtualization works through KVM.

For those interested in marketing, Tatica made his presentation on "Marketing and Logistic Inside." Those interested in packaging, Kanarip spoke of "Software Packaging, RPM, Guidelines, Build Systems But Why?". Those interested in design learned a lot from Juan Barba on Inkscape.

Neville later talked about the "Fedora Landscape." Guillermo presented the basic concepts of community development of Fedora RPM. Kanarip explained the use of cloud for Fedora.

We tasted a delicious lunch and shared ideas of the conferences made. After that we heard interesting talks such as: Fedora Design Team, Koji Build, WebServer at Home, Fedora Private Mirrors, Internazionalization, GNOME3, OLPC and Drops Dead.

After that, hackfests began. Gomix made Ruby Coding Dojo and Tatica worked on Fedora Magazine.  In short, was full of knowledge, full of work but in the end, everything was excellent. I hope the third day finished as the top two. I say goodbye and see you on the third day.
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