Saturday, October 8, 2011

Software Freedom Day

On September 17 we live in the "Software Freedom Day", an event of major public education both nationally and internationally. On this occasion we celebrated at Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá, through videos, speeches and debates. The audience was acceptable. They were very active.

Some of the presentations were:
  • "Fedora Electronic Lab" by Kiara Navarro.
  • "Android" by Chris Fawcett.
  • "Contribuing to Wikipedia" by Mónica Mora.
  • "CoderBuddy" by Adrian Scott.
  • "Fedora Design" by Juan Barba.
  • "Fedora Infraestructure" by Luis Bazán
  • "Fedora RPMDev LATAM" by Abdel Martínez. 
  • "Floss-PA" by Diego Tejera
In addition, Johel Batista (Ayudinga) made advertising of his website. Meanwhile, there was a debate entitled "GNU/Linux on the desktop, It is ready for the masses?" moderated by Chris Fawcett. Divided views and many valid points emerged but mostly, shared ideas.

Finally, there was a small Floss-PA gathering, after the event. I thank all those who attended and, in some way, helped organizing this event.

Here are some photos of the event:

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