Monday, October 15, 2012

FUDCon Valencia 2012 Experience

There is an old adage that says "is never too late when the reason is good" and this time I will write a bit about my experience in FUDCon LATAM 2012 at Venezuela.

Although it was about one month and a half ago, I do not deny that it was a great opportunity to share with my friends, to learn and grow the project within the region.

I must confess I was excited to know that country, since much of the talent that the project has comes from there. I left Panama with Luis Bazan and Alejandro Perez. We arrived in Valencia in good time.

When we arrived at the hotel, many of our friends were already there. The excitement of the reunion is a unique experience. All shared their experiences on each of their countries.

The conference days were very good. They had excellent topics and people very interested. Also we took the opportunity to work on some tasks and leave some assignments.

Our FPL, Robyn Bergeron, recommended how we can improve the impact of our region in the project. We developed a table with information on all the events we participate in the year to finally establish a regional budget.

Another thing that caught my attention is the work done by Carlos Marcano. He goes to the Amazon to teach children of that place to use Fedora. His goal is to translated Fedora into the native language.

Something that caused much sensation was Valentín Basel with Icarus project. This project has a good mission and vision. What is needed are developers and packagers.

The good news is that I'm part of the group fas-git Fedora, so I acquired a commitment to collaborate in this important tool.

On our last day of stay in Venezuela, Daniel Bruno, Alejandro Pérez, Luis Bazán and I dedicated to develop some packages for OpenStack in Fedora. Also talked about lessons learned from the event.

The return trip to Panama was good, without delays. There, our families and commitments waited for us. I hope next year event would be as good as this, have the opportunity to participate and express the 2012-2013 improvements.

Thanks to the organization throughout the service provided. Now, some pictures of the event:
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