Sunday, August 4, 2013

Fedora 19 Release Party - Panama

"Sir, you can not enter the building in shorts", that's the way I started the Release Party: going back to home and change my outfit because of an university rule infringement (the curious thing is that I'm a graduate student from the university).

Excepting that triviality, the event went good and we have an interesting attendance. We spoke about the benefits of participating on an open source project as Fedora and the new features we have on Schrödinger's Cat. Also we have a Icaro Project robot making a circuit on the corridor.

Some positive results we got from this event were the new begin of a relationship with Universidad Interamericana, a new adept interested in use FEL spin for his science project, having a good time with friends and fascinated people with the robot (maybe a chance to introduce the robot in Universidad Interamericana classes).

We finish the event eating pizza and drinking soda. Cool release party for a cool new Fedora version.

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